Sunday, May 8, 2011

Goldendoodle Puppies and Adult Dogs For Sale

Shaggy coat Goldendoodle by Goldendoodle World

Beautiful Goldendoodle puppies and young adult dogs available for sale by Goldendoodle World!  UKCI registered with over 400 ofa champion ancestors dating back to the early 1930s.  Visit  for more details!


Worldwide shipping available!  Personal pick up welcome!

* spaying and neutering required.

* Blue eyes, brown eyes, multi eye color available

* Apricot, cream, Silver Frost

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Taking your Goldendoodle to work

Taking your Goldendoodle to work

Author: Dee Gerrish

Bink in Holland

Bink in Holland

As the Goldendoodle dog becomes more popular, many doodle owners are beginning to take their dogs to work. As the doodle rises from its bed underneath their owner's desk, it isn't uncommon for the Goldendoodle to waltz itself from cubicle to cubicle, picking up treats along its way.

Standing and waiting happily with its nose pressed against a filing cabinet, the Goldendoodle is very patiently waiting for a glancing smile or a pat on its head. For many people, taking their family dog with them to work is just a part of their daily routine. June 22nd is "Take your dog to work" day. You should encourage your boss to allow you to bring your Goldendoodle to work if you work in a company small enough to allow this. Created and sponsored by "Pet Sitters International", nearly 500 companies in the beginning participated in permitting their employees to bring their pets to work. That number has jumped well past 5,000 here in 2009. This event draws massive attention to the value of dogs of all breeds, including rescue dogs and shelter dogs. Taking your Goldendoodle to work with you has its advantages. He or she is, after all, a mixed breed dog. By bringing your Goldendoodle to work, you are encouraging someone who may not own a pet, to consider giving one of their own, a good home.

Perhaps they've never considered this type of dog or they've never seen one. Perhaps they were thinking about adopting a shelter dog but were afraid of giving a mixed breed dog a chance. The Goldendoodle dog will surely put all of those fears to rest as soon as your co-workers meet him or her. Even if for one day, the Goldendoodle dog can demonstrate how well behaved they are; how friendly they are; what wonderful companions they can be and how little they shed. Taking your well-behaved Goldendoodle to work with you can show others how this simple gesture can increase company productivity not to mention lower absenteeism! Taking your Goldendoodle to work also helps to encourage interaction and socialization. A pet friendly company gives dog owners a peace of mind. Employees can work late and still be able to feed, walk and care for their Goldendoodle companion. For other employees, this policy can ease stress and anxiety. Dee Gerrish, of Goldendoodle World says, "Many of our customers take their Goldendoodles to work with them. I hear it all the time.

They say it helps them to not worry so much about how they are going to get home in time to take their new puppy out for potty breaks and it definitely helps them become a better dog owner. Their Goldendoodle is a companion dog who needs them just as much as they need the dog. Both the doodle and the owner benefits from a pet friendly work place". Employees who are able to bring their Goldendoodle to work agree that this type of policy is a great perk! Their doodles can accompany them where ever they go because their owner is always around. The Goldendoodle hybrid can become very lonely when left home for hours on end waiting for their owner to come home. Dee says, "Everyone benefits from having a Goldendoodle around! Look at it this way, how many people do you think will be uncooperative at work if a Goldendoodle comes up and licks your hand or gives you a friendly smile?".

"Jack Trout and friend"


*Your boss would probably be more willing to permit you to bring your Goldendoodle to work providing that you:

1. Teach your Goldendoodle basic obedience commands.

2. Socialize your Goldendoodle with other dogs.

3. Don't bring squeeky or noisy toys to work.

4. Be careful to not bring your Goldendoodle around those with allergies unless they specifically ask you to.

5. Make sure your work area is large enough to accomodate your doodle's bed and other daily needs.

6. Make sure your Goldendoodle isn't a noisy barker.

7. Make sure to remove your doodle's collar tags so as not to disrupt co-workers.

8. Only walk your Goldendoodle in designated areas.

9. Always clean up after your Goldendoodle when he or she goes "potty".

10. Ensure you bring enough water and food and treats for your doodle.

*About the author: Dee Gerrish, of Goldendoodle World, has been writing about the doodle dog since 1999. Dee is one of the original founders for the Goldendoodle dog for the entire southern region of the United States. More information can be found on Dee's Goldendoodle World website at

About the Author:

Dee Gerrish has been a private, professional breeder for 13 years as of Jan. 2009; She was a respite and foster care provider in Mannheim, Germany and won many community awards for her dedicated service. Dee Gerrish is one of the original founders for the Goldendoodle dog for the entire southern region of the United States. Dee has been writing about the Goldendoodle dog since 1999.

Article Source: - Taking your Goldendoodle to work

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Breast cancer in Goldendoodles

Breast cancer in Goldendoodles

Author: Dee Gerrish

When we think about breast cancer, we usually think about women getting this disease. We seldom stop to think about men having breast cancer, much less a canine having breast cancer. Although the Goldendoodle hybrid is a relatively new hybrid, we must take into consideration that as this hybrid ages, the possibility of breast cancer is there.

The Goldendoodle hybrid became first known as a "labeled" breed in the United States around 1997. I am not sure who the first breeder in the USA began advertising this beautiful dog, but I do know when we began our Goldendoodle breeding program in 1999, we were the only breeder in the entire southern that time...offering them. The dog is relatively young to know much about possible "genetic" issues that may come from the Poodle/Golden Retriever mixture.

Cancer unfortunately kills more dogs than any other disease known. Approx. forty seven percent, according to canine data. Heart disease and kidney disease round out the top three diseases that kill our dogs. Because the Goldendoodle hybrid is still relatively new, there is no existing data at this present writing (December 23, 2009) that can help us know what percentage this hybrid may rank...if at all. According to the Englewood, Colorado based Morris Animal Foundation, skin cancer in dogs accounts for most of the cancer cases.

According to sources, cancer occurs in dogs (or even a person for that matter) when body cells grow uncontrollably and without purpose. Certain types of cancer can spread through out the body via the blood stream which then carries the cancer cells to other parts of the body. Some cancers remain stationary but these types of cancers can grow rapidly and invade tissue in which they are growing. Tumors that are malignant are types of cancers that are stationary. Tumors that don't spread or invade tissue are called "benign" tumors.

Today, veterinarians who specialize in canine cancer are more advanced and detecting cancer in your Goldendoodle at an early stage is now possible. These doctors are called Veterinarian Oncologists. They have three methods that can help save your Goldendoodle, if cancer is detected early enough:

1. Surgery

2. Chemotherapy

3. Radiation

Now that veterinarians have become more advanced and know more about canine cancer, they now have the ability to extend the life of your Goldendoodle including giving him or her a quality of life that wasn't available ten years ago for any canine. Most dogs who were diagnosed with cancer, faced certain death. Now, there is hope.

When your veterinarian suspects your Goldendoodle may have cancer, your hybrid baby will have to undergo a surgical procedure called a "biopsy". This means your veterinarian will remove some tissue from your Goldendoodle that can be examined carefully. A pathologist will examine the tissue or collected cells to determine if it is benign (negative) or malignant (positive) for cancer. If your Goldendoodle has a solid tumor, your vet may insert a needle and take a few samples. This type of procedure is entirely less invasive. If the collected cells suggest they are malignant (positive), your Goldendoodle will then undergo a surgical biopsy.

Unfortunately, these procedures are not cheap and the costs can be quite great. If you suspect your Goldendoodle may have a lump that needs to be further examined and tested for cancer, you will have to weigh the pros and cons regarding whether or not you can afford the required testing, procedures, vet costs and of course, if unfortunately the tests come back and they confirm cancer, long term care and the expenses regarding long term care will have to be carefully weighed.


* You find an abnormal lump or swelling that continues to become larger over time.

* Sores on your Goldendoodle's skin that don't seem to heal.

* Your Goldendoodle begins to lose weight for no particular reason.

* Loss of appetite.

* Unusual bleeding or discharge from your Goldendoodle's nose, mouth or anal area.

* You notice a foul odor from your Goldendoodle's mouth.

* Your Goldendoodle begins to have difficulty swallowing or eating.

* Your Goldendoodle suddenly doesn't have the ability to exercise and seems to have a loss of strength.

* Your doodle has difficulty breathing.

* You notice that your Goldendoodle has lameness or stiffness.

* Your Goldendoodle has difficulty urinating or defecating.

* You notice a sudden change in behavior with your dog.

Now, if you notice any of the issues above, do not suddenly become frantic that your Goldendoodle has cancer. There are many explainations other than cancer, for the above symptoms. It's very important, however, if you notice any of the above symptoms that you have your veterinarian thoroughly check your Goldendoodle out. Waiting could cause your Goldendoodle's demise.

*About the author: Dee Gerrish, of Goldendoodle World, has been writing about the Goldendoodle dog since 1999. Dee is one of the original founders for the Goldendoodle dog for the entire southern region of the United States.

*This article is copyright protected December 23, 2009. The content of this article may not be copied, redistributed or used for commercial purposes without the expressed written permission of its author, Dee Gerrish. All rights are reserved.

About the Author:

Dee Gerrish has been a private, professional breeder for 13 years as of Jan. 2009; She was a respite and foster care provider in Mannheim, Germany and won many community awards for her dedicated service. Dee has written very popular Goldendoodle articles that are listed across the internet.

Article Source: - Breast cancer in Goldendoodles

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goldendoodle World has pups for sale

Goldendoodle World has pups for sale

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Righting a wrong when wrong is wrong

This evening I received a most interesting message by a man named "Ben". What makes it interesting is the fact on a site called a few estranged family members have been posting untruthful accusations and allegations about me as a person and about my business, Goldendoodle World/Lake Ridge Kennel on that website and they've have been doing this since 2006.

I had noticed a comment on that site by someone named "Ben" and I had never heard of this person and knew nothing about him whatsoever. Here is the message he sent to me via facebook:

Ben Szum October 26 at 7:21pm

Re: I was the victim of identity theft

Awhile ago, it came to my attention that somebody was saying bad things about you (and several other businesses, including a law firm), on "", using my name and location as their screen-name. It turned out to be an ex-girlfriend who was using my account, which she knows the password to. She also stole my debit card at one point and made several unauthorized transactions to my account. I trusted her very much, but once I saw what she was doing, I broke up with her, contacted the police, and she's dealing with it in court. I have since changed my password, as well. She won't be bothering me, you, or anybody else in my name.

I have posted that I'm not the one saying this. She does not know anything about you, except what other people say. She's just trying to get random people mad at me. She confessed to doing this after we got into a quarrel. I'm undoing the damage she's done (Fortunately, she didn't do as much as she could've) and letting the police deal with her.

I'm going to go get started on undoing her damage to my name. Wish me luck.

*end of message*.........................................

I've since sent a message thanking him for his honesty and he appears to be a college student. If he is ligit, his message today was a warm welcome. I told him that I can't believe how cruel people can be to each other and that his honesty today was the first step in the right direction. What a very nice thing to do! How many people do you see doing this? I surely hope more than not.

This simple gesture of righting a wrong, on his part, means a lot to me. Now if only the others would fess up and come forward too.
One can only hold out hope.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Doug's Michael Jackson Tribute

My son gives a sarcastic Michael Jackson tribute. Hey...I'm a Michael Jackson fan...that's not right!

Zazzle your doodle

Shop for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

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